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Why you should choose us for wheel and frame alignment

We are at the same or better point level experience than the most well known shops in the city dedicating and specialized in wheel alignment, frame alignment, suspension. all that people who had visited us and decided to changed and selected our shop for front in alignment make me feel confident we did the right discission when became partners and opened Dallas One Alignment

We are here to answer your questions. If you have any questions or need assistance with your vehicle, please contact us by calling to (972) 438 - 3000, we are located at 1823 East Irving, Blvd. Irving, TX. 75060. Thank you for your interest in Dallas One alignment. We look forward to serving you in the future.


Every vehicle inspection has a few problems to solve, no business can exist with no experience. after vehicle wheel alignment inspection you as our customer will be inform about the diagnosis, when it is a clean title vehicle most of the time all systems having a relation with the wheel alignment pass the inspection, expect a few parts replace with those salvage title and also more expensive camber and caster wheel alignment adjustments to bring the vehicle to manufactory specifications.

wheel alignment

To bring this dead rear axel to camber manufactory specifications we used a custom bracket and a 10 ton hydraulic Porto power.

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Wheel alignment

Foreign and domestic vehicles wheel alignment is our speciality


One Side Worn

Incorrect camber settings often cause the tires to wear more on one side than the other. Ball joints, coil springs and bushings should be inspected carefully. the strut housing, struts should also be checked.

This tire is warning more inside which means the camber is out of manufacture settings it is more negative than positive, it can be corrected by bringing it to the right alignment settings

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One Side worn

Wheel alignment is required when tire has a side more worn than the other


Frame alignment

All those vehicles which need frame work have a unique characteristic, look at the red segment in the photography the distance between the fender and the tire is not the same one is longer than the other this means the vehicle needs to set the casting to manufactory specifications.

Here we repair your car no matter how it is,

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Frame Alignment

Frame Alignment is required when caster settings are incorrect