About Dallas One Alignment

Located at 1823 E. Irving, Blvd... in the City of Irving, TX. 75060. phone 972. 438. 300. Hours M - S from 9 AM to 6 PM

My brother Sergio,  started working 22 years ago at a tire shop which was selling tires and making wheel alignment service; he was only 15 years old only.  His last job was at Gary's Alignment  on Royal Ln.. in Dallas TX. where he had worked 7 years from 2006 through 2013. One day he invaded me to become his partner and  open our alignment and auto repair shop; during more than one year we were buying equipment for the shop: alignment machine, two post lifts, hunter alignment ramp. air compressor, and other tools. Base on my brother's experience and because I consider he is number one in alignment I named the shop Dallas One Alignment.


Specialized in:
wheel and frame Alignment    -Axle and suspension service
brakes, disk brakes, rotors, brake pads - Steering - Shocks and Struts 
car auto maintenance - -Tune ups   -  oil change  -  oil filters


Monday / Friday

09:00 AM / 5 PM


09:00 am / 2 pm

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